Choisi [ʃwa.si] refers to the french word which translates to selected and exclusively picked.

I am Johanna, the founder of choisi. Creativity has always been my tool of choice for self expression. With my platform I want to bring artists who share this same passion together:

Tasha, from Düsseldorf, is the designer and manufacturer of all tableware products. Marlon is a Cologne-based musician who produces/records all music tapes by himself. I am the designer and manufacturer of all jewels that are handcrafted in my atelier in Cologne.

Choisi aims to encourage to shop consciously-made, unique and limited products. Each component of our products is carefully selected and of high-quality which ensures longevity.

By focussing on pure, delicate and subtle designs, every product becomes a timeless beauty that outlasts seasons and trends. Choisi stands for the celebration of craftmanship and the aesthetic of natural materials — therefore your chosen product will be 100% unique and special.

Johanna / choisi